What are some of the underrated books by Indian authors?

I came across this question in Quroa and thought to write the answer. Well, India is the second-largest country in the world which produced remarkable doctors, scientist, engineers, scholars, and authors as well.

Few of the Indian authors who are famous across the world: Jhumpa Lahiri, Khushwant Singh, Rabindranath Tagore, Vikram Seth etc. I’ll not spend much time in introduction so let’s go straight to the book list. Here is the list of 7 books by Indian authors which are under-appreciated :

A Suitable Boy

By Vikram Seth

Humor, sadness, a web of love, reconciliation, and violence are the core of the novel. Sometimes funny, and other times extremely tragic. This is the story of a mother to find a Suitable Boy for her child(Lata).

A Suitable Boy

Not Only The Things That Have Happened

By Mridula Koshy

The book has a strong character “Time” and the story divided into three parts; past, present and future. The book will take you to journey of grief, loss, and belief.

Chronicles Of A Corpse Bearer

By Cyrus Mistry

“Though death is its precise reason for existence, in this garden, life—overwhelmingly—is the victor.” Do not mistake the author with the Tata group chair. The book is based on the true story and will tell you more about the Parsi community of Bombay.

Chronicles Of A Corpse Bearer

The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing

By Mira Jacob

The book is a failure in India but was a hit in foreign countries. It is a big fat novel and a multi-generational saga of delicious Chutneys, humor, and grief. The first novel of Mira Jacob and highly underrated.

The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing

Our Moon Has Blood Clots

By Rahul Pandita

A highly sensitive book on Kashmiri pundits during 1989-90. Our Moon Has Blood Clots is the unspoken chapter in the story of Kashmir, in which it was purged of the Kashmiri Pandit community in a violent ethnic cleansing backed by Islamist militants.

Our Moon Has Blood Clots


By Kiran Nagarkar

We were that rarest of couples. Even after years of marriage, we were madly in love. I with her and her with somebody else.” I think this line sums up the novel. A historical novel portraying the memoirs of the Prince of Chittor and the husband of one of India’s most favorite saints, Meera Bai.


The Inheritance Of Loss

By Kiran Desai

It was published in 2006 and won the Man Booker Prize for the same year. You might see a lot of negative review of this book on Amazon or in Goodreads but hey don’t just go with the reviews read and decide by yourself. It didn’t win the Man Booker Prize for anything.

There are many more but the above-mentioned books I’ve read so I talked only about them. Let me know which book you’ve read.

PS: Here are some good Hindi novels which you might be interested in.

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