7 TED Talks Which Make You Feel Happy

Humans are always on the pursuit of happiness, knowingly or unknowingly. It is one of the few desire which is common among us. 

So are you HAPPY?

Before you answer that question, first what is your definition of being happy? Think carefully. Being human we have the privilege to be different from the rest. So your definition of being happy might differ from mine. 

If it’s difficult for you to find the right answer or understand the topic better, I’d suggest you should watch TED Talks. Here I’ve listed 7 TED Talks on Happiness for you:

Flow, the Secret to Happiness

By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The concept of flow is more important than just physiological (opioid and dopamine) experience and in his 19 mins talks, he focused on the concept of flow.

So what do you mean by “Flow”? 

The meaning can be obtained by being present at the moment with whatever you are doing. I was amazed when I realized how different it feels when you’re present in the moment, rather than doing or wanting something else.

Want to be happy? Stay in the moment

By Matt Killingsworth

Everybody wants to be happy and to seek for happiness we buy cars, look for a better job, party hard. 

But are these stuff really make us happy? 

People do not feel happy once they achieve these things. Matt’s studies are similar to Mihaly. Matt built an app which tracks people’s happiness that they can enter in real-time.

The results were surprising: we are most happy when we are lost at the moment. And on the other side, the more our minds wander the more unhappy we can be.

The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory

By Daniel Kahneman

A thought-provoking talk, memory vs experience. Daniel mentioned there are two concepts of happiness; How happy is the experiencing self? and How happy are the moments in the experiencing self’s life? 

The bottom line is, it is now about how happy a person lives but how satisfied the person is when he/she thinks about his/her life.

How to Buy Happiness

By Michael Norton

Do you think money can’t buy happiness? Think again, because Michael came up with some fascinating research on money can buy happiness.

But there’s a catch and for that, you need to watch the video.

The Pursuit of Happiness: There’s More to Life than Being Happy

By Emily Esfahani Smith

No, no she’s not here to talk about your favorite movie but to talk about happiness or rather, I say to compare happiness and meaning in life. According to Emily happiness can come and go but having a meaning in life can give something to hold onto.

She mentioned four pillars of a meaningful life: belonging, purpose, transcendence, and storytelling.

Remember To Say Thank You

By Laura Trice

Probably the shortest video in the list but very effective. She said, telling someone to thank you or praise them or let them know what they mean to you create an inner joy, gives you a real sense of happiness.

The Hidden Power Of Smiling

By Ron Gutman

Do you want to be a superhero who can make everyone happy?


Well, for that you need a superpower and we all have one superpower, Smile. I believe you know but not using often.

Ron Gutman reviews a bunch of studies about smiling and uncover some surprising results.

Not enough? Following some TED talks related to happiness

I hope the list inspires you to find the meaning of happiness which way bigger than life itself.

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